Our Mission

To enhance the business environment of Little India and broaden the appreciation of Little India’s unique heritage and character amongst the locals and tourists.

The Little India Shop Owners and Heritage Association (LISHA) was established in 2000 by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) with the main aim to present and preserve the heritage and culture of Little India. One of LISHA’s main objectives is to share the rich diversity of the Indian culture through meaningful celebrations such as The Deepavali Carnival and The Pongal Festival. Such events are held not only to educate the general public on Indian festivities but also to encourage people to explore the goods and merchandise on sale at many shops in Little India. Hence, this ensures that Little India’s merchants remain sustainable and at the same time, our heritage and culture are preserved for future generations.

Festival of Deepavali

What is the significance of the festival of Deepavali?

The festival of Deepavali, holds great significance in Hindu culture. It celebrates Lord Rama’s homecoming after defeating Ravana and Through lighting oil lamps and decorating homes, it signifies the dispelling of ignorance and the embrace of knowledge.

 The festival holds religious, cultural and social significance, promoting the values of love, unity and forgiveness among people.

Deepavali Celebrations

What role does family and community play in Deepavali celebrations?

Family and community play a pivotal role in Deepavali celebrations. Families come together to clean and decorate their homes, exchange gifts, and prepare festive meals. Lighting oil lamps and sharing prayers strengthen familial bonds and reflect unity. Community gatherings for cultural events, fireworks, and sharing sweets enhance the sense of togetherness. Deepavali underscores the importance of kinship and collective celebration.
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